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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Luke Hochevar Taken First Overall

Luke Hochevar has been selected with the first overall pick in the 2006 draft by the Kansas City Royals.

Wow, I was expecting Luke to be taken high, but this is incredible. I was expecting him to be taken 10th at best, but scouts were impressed with his performance in his independent league despite the rust.

I think Kansas City could be a surprisingly good fit too. Despite their terrible performance this year (14-41 at the time of this post), I thought they had a fairly talented team. It does look like they're serious about improving and since their major weakness is pitching, I'd say there's an outside chance that Luke gets some playing time in the majors this year. However, since their season's probably over already, I'd say that it's more likely he gets held back and starts next year in Kansas City at the earliest.

As for the contract situation, they are willing to spend the money and it sounds like they're making more progress now than the Dodgers did all year. Luke even seems to be looking forward to playing for the Royals. "It's definitely a humbling honor to go [first] to a great organization," he said. "To go first overall is definitely humbling. I'm ecstatic and ready to put my head down and work hard for the Kansas City Royals." Credit goes to the Royals web site for providing that one. It's a good, in-depth article too. It gives a little more background info than I did. Things are looking good for Luke Hochevar and with the way this is starting, it looks like it could be a fun ride.

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