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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Who is Luke Hochevar?

This is a blog dedicated to tracking the professional baseball career of pitcher Luke Hochevar. Luke had an illustrious career with the University of Tennessee, where he first caught my attention. Once you see him in action, it’s easy to see why. Hochevar has a fastball that hits the mid-90’s as well as a nice changeup, an incredible curveball, a good slider and a sinker. He is capable of pitching the entire game and is simply as complete a pitcher as you can find.

This will be the third time Hochevar gets drafted and will be my second attempt at following his career. The first time, he was drafted out of high school by the Los Angeles Dodgers and felt he should have gone to college, especially since he was only selected in the 39th round. It was a good decision since Dodgers scouting advisor admitted after the 2005 draft that “he's improved a lot since high school". He was picked in 2005 by the Dodgers, with the 40th overall pick. However, a variety of factors kept him from signing, such as his indecision as to whether to go back for another year at Tennessee as well as the tough negotiating of Scott Boras combined with the excess of pitching that the Dodgers already had in their farm system.

Since then, Hochevar has been playing in an independent league to keep his pitching sharp. He will be re-entering the draft in 2006, and could be selected even higher now that he doesn’t have a last year of college to fall back on. Experts are predicting that he could be selected in the top 10, despite sticking with Boras as his agent. Personally, I think he would be a good fit with the Nationals, who have the 15th overall pick. The Dodgers pick 7th and 26th. Do they take a fourth chance on him? We’ll find out in two days when the MLB draft begins on June 6th.

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